mixing, percussion & trumpet

 Audio/Files/ is a two-piece electropop group based in Brooklyn, playing all original material. In producing the material I experimented with a wide variety of synthesizer sounds and digital effects, resulting in crunchy low-bit instruments that buzz and hum. I also provided percussion and trumpet for the tracks.


Monsters! - Clementine


A jazz-pop track, "Clementine" features a variety of wind voices, as well as more unconventional items, such as theremins, mellotrons, and bizarre, way-out-there backing vocals. I used soft distortion to saturate the saxes, and reverse-reverb effects to give the piece ebb and flow.

David Grabowski


"Sparky" comes from the short film Static Shock: Blackout, for which I also provided sound design and mix. I modeled the sound after Hans Zimmer's Inception soundtrack by scooping the mid-range, and thereby emphasizing the low and high registers, providing impact and clarity.