The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

original music for stage play


I was tasked with creating both original music and sound design for the production. The musical composition sought to maintain the human nature of the story while portraying Christopher’s condition and his genius, preferring processed acoustic and electroacoustic instruments over sounds that are purely digitized.

Kurt Vonnegut’s “Mother Night”

original music for stage play


This piece required a collection of classical themes, as well as ample sound effects design, and several instances that required score and sound effects to be used concurrently in a musical fashion.

Screaming Tibetan Monks

for piano, rhodes, two vibraphones & string quartet


The featured ensemble is one that benefits from balance, as it meshes the sound of a string quartet with a mallet quartet. The dark, dry sound of pizzicato strings provides classical context, while the warm, gooey sound of the mallets implies jazz sensibilities.

I Am FinE

for piano & fx


A moody, emotional piece composed for an original fashion collection, inspired by and dealing with depression. 


for piano, vibraphone, trumpet, vocals & drum set

COMPOSER, Trumpet & Vocals

A short-form piece created for commercial media, "Discombobulation" has bounce in its rhythm, and excitement in its background elements, which include shakers, interwoven trumpet and vocals, and plenty of "chka-chka's." 

Lucid Interval

for mandolin quartetto romantico


"Lucid Interval" premiered at the Classical Mandolin Society of America's 25th annual convention. The piece explores the more percussive qualities of the mandolin, while still paying tribute to the ensemble's classic 19th-century Sicilian sound.

Strange Loops

for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin & harp


An electro-acoustic experiment in orchestration, "Strange Loops" creates a wealth of tones by exploring the different qualities between unusual pairing of strings. The piece is based on Theseus' Paradox, and uses both Risset rhythms and Sheppard tones to create a sound that is recursive in nature.


for percussion quintet


The "Fuel" quintet is inspired by the moods and tonalities of Debussy's "Nocturnes," as well as the instrumentation, rhythms, and extended percussive techniques of Varese's "Ionisation." Each movement uses different methods of transforming the musical qualities of a theme in order to explore how it changes that theme's meaning.


electronics, orchestra


"Devious Flyer" is a cell phone game developed for Android, where a user pilots various aircrafts through different levels - an asteroid field, a maze of cubes, and a series of gates. For the Cube Field level, game developers wanted music that felt like it was always getting faster, since the aircraft in the level constantly accelerates. For that specific level, I used Risset rhythms to write a 2.5-minute piece of music that loops and accelerates infinitely.